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One of the project aims is to share experience, information and interesting links about out topic: augmented reality. The list of links will be regularly updated.

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Framework: Augmented Reality in Education

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AR links list

The list is down-loadable  as a pdf or Excel file from Google drive.

  1. The ARiSE project is funded by the European Commission as part of the IST programme within the 6th framework
    Project devoted to the AR in school environments
  2. Website devoted to the Educational Applications of AR
    Miniportal to promote AR in education
  3. Another website with a lot of AR links
  4. Ecomagination (General electric)
    An AR example of a wind turbine
  5. Specialist School and Academies Trust
    A few demonstrations of AR in natural sciences.
  6. AR in marketing
    A website of a marketing company that uses AR (in Czech)
  7. A site promoting outdoor AR
    A description, how to choose a new smartphone using AR (in Czech)
  9. An anstonomy application using AR
    An android application
  10. An Augmented Reality tool to help teach Physics concepts in the classroom
  11. Ellinogermaniki agogi: private school with R&D dept working on AR
    We visited the school during the Greek meeting on the 5/4/2013
  12. Archeoguide: website with links to publications on augmented realityVery interesting site with scientific argumentation about AR modeling and use
  13. Ionian university: an AR guide for the Ionian university to guide new students who are searching for a specific department in the university (in Greek)
  14. Greek museums – Acropolis museum
    An AR application displaying available museums based on your location (only works in Greece)
  15. Corfu AR – Augmented Reality City Guide for Corfu, Greece
  16. Mr Costas Boletsis
    Prezi presentation of AR implementation with examples
  17. Gepetto Consult (private institution)
  18. Metaio
    Applications of AR using a Tablet
  19. Mitsubishi Electric
    Use of AR to learn on how to carry out maintenance tasks
  20. Introduction & use of AR in teaching
  21. Lego
    Use of AR to help in shopping Lego toys|
  22. Fashionista
    Use of AR to teach you how to select fashion clothes
  23. BMW
    This link demonstrates how AR can be used for on-the-job-training; in this case a BMW technician is trained how to remove a part from a car
  24. Use of AR to create an interactive Science tool
  25. Idevice
    List of AR applications
  26. Apple: AR browser for Bucharest
  27. Agentia de Marketing Online si Realitate Augmentata
    AR for advertising and online marketing
  28. Guardian: Guardian blog about technology with a branch devoted to AT
  29. Google technology glass using AR
  30. A Day with Google Glass
  31. Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology
    FIT develops AR for games and exibitions
  32. Augmented reality. What is augmented reality?
  33. Matt Mills: Image recognition that triggers augmented reality
  34. Museum of London – Mobile & apps
  35. The view from the Shard: a new and expanded panorama of London – interactive
  36. Mumbai Augmented reality
  37. Introducing the Worlds First Augmented reality Chipset
  38. The Getty Museum's Augmented reality Demo
  39. Augmented reality – 10thdim Music Videos
  40. Augmented Reality Demo
  41. Mobile Augmented Reality is the Future
  42. Augmented Reality projects, articles & talks by Helen Papagiannis
  43. Judy Bloxham's AR page

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