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Within the project the following AR models were created:

Science topics included in the project booklet


Orion constellation Palacký University, Czech Republic SC-1

How do radio waves travel?
– model 1
– model 2
– model 3

MECB Ltd, Malta


Learning about trees SC Arborist, S.R.L., Romania SC-3
The Chemistry of Water St. Theresa College, Malta SC-4

Learning about cutting and Milling Processes
– model 1
– model 2
– model 3
– model 4
– model 5
– model 6

University Politechnica of Bucharest, Romania


The Chemistry of Biofuel Joanna Pinewood Education, United Kingdom SC-6
The Chemistry of Hydrogen Joanna Pinewood Education, United Kingdom SC-7
Using AR to Create Active Learning Experiences (GEMS) Southwest Learning and Skills, United Kingdom SC-8


History topics included in the project booklet

Residence of Archbishop Zdík Palacky University, Czech Republic AR-1
Explore Ireland’s Newgrange Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETB, Ireland AR-2
How is Rome’s Coliseum Armedia AR-3
What is Malta’s Domus Romana? MECB Ltd, Malta AR-4
Learning About the Clock Museum SC Arborist, S.R.L., Romania AR-5
Dingli Chapel St.Theresa College, Malta AR-6
Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes Vocational Training Centre Apopsi SA, Greece AR-7



Download models

Models shared via Augmentedev


Pyramid model by MECB



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